TURN NOZZLE TO THE ON POSITION’, Collection of rendered images

This project arose out of an interest in the substances that are defined by effectively dealing with our waste produce and bacteria. The recent conception of the term ‘dark ecology’ by Timothy Morton has directed philosophical attention to the toxic materials we produce and coexist with. Quotidian examples of such toxic materials proliferate our living spaces. Manufacturers consistently employ zoomorphic forms, along with lurid colours and smells to signify their efficiency at dealing with our waste. These domestic cleaning products are undoubtably necessary for our well-being, yet we nonetheless form an unusual relationship. The majority are harmful, at least to some degree, when in contact with our skin yet the product design beckons to be touched or held. Thus, the notion of tactility occurs simultaneously with the prohibition of touch. This is something echoed in the work which exists as three-dimensional virtual objects in a space yet our tactile relationship with them is prohibited as they remain rendered images. This seemed especially pertinent during this pandemic where we have become hyper aware of the boundaries between ourselves and the external world- altering the way we perceive touch and our own permeability. 

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